Shara Catering

( Restaurants and catering Division )


Fully prepared to manage international buffets

( Oriental، Italian، Indian، Chinese )

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Our daily catering program offers you 3 kinds of meals:

n1Daily breakfast meal program
n2Daily snacks meal program
n3Daily lunch meal program


When you subscribe to a daily food supply program You can choose from a daily meal programs Breakfast or Snacks or Lunch you will get on a diet Supply for 26 Days delivered to your home or your workplace in a luxury box .


Meal contains:



Daily breakfast meal program

Contains :



Daily snacks meal program

Contains :



Daily lunch meal program

Contains :




Note: There are other types receive within the program and you only need to contact us and coordination to get the required contribution.

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Gallery :


Sandwiches :


Salads :


Appetizers :


Soups :


Pastry :


Main dishes :


Indian dishes :


Sweets :


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